Twin screw pump 'RTS'


Rovar Twin Screw Pumps are suitable for handling low and high viscous liquids. Loading and unloading of tankers, railway wagons, barges, ships, bulk cargo handling, lubrication, circulation, and cooling application in industries like petroleum refiners, terminals, depots, oil blending stations, thermal power plants, steel plants, fertilizers, sugar, paper industries, marine application.

Working principles

These pumps are self-priming, double-ended positive displacement pumps with external timing gears and bearings. As the screws rotate, cavities are formed between the individual screws. These hold a given volume of fluid, moving it axially as the screws rotate. The portion of the fluid that entered the pump was diverted to the left or right is then moved forward from left to center and from right to the center. At the center, the two flow paths rejoin and leave the pump through the discharge flangeS.

Twin screw pump 'RTS'


Separate screw and shaft assembly design offer many advantages.

Extremely good suction capability, Compact design and rugged construction.

Various combinations of materials and Partial/ full heating jacket available in various designs.

Different sealing arrangements are possible.

Low NPSH requirement, Insensitive to viscosity variations, Low maintenance cost and Smooth and steady flow.

Casing available in cast construction and fabricated design with replaceable linear.

Positive clearance between screws, No metal-to-metal contact, driven through timing gears.

Shaft seal under suction pressure, Complete elimination of axial thrusts.

Range Material of Constraction
Capacity: upto 10,000 lpm Casing: CI, WCB, FAB.
Pressure: upto 50 kg/ cm² Screws: EN 24HG, SS
Temperature: upto 300 °C Linear: CI
Viscosity: upto 50,000 cSt & more Shaft: EN 24HG, SS

Liquid List

High flowrate- medium pressure applications for: Furnace oil , HSD, LSHS, molasses, petroleum products, emulsions, edible oils, glycol, shampoo, sorbitol , soya oils, bitumen, additives, base oil, vegetable oils, soaps, paraffin, residues, and all other viscous lubrication liquids.

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Twin screw pump 'RTS'
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