Shuttle block pump 'RPP'


Rovar shuttle block pumps are ideal for loading & unloading tankers/ wagons, circulation, barrel filling, tank to tank transfer & other process pumping in industries like petroleum, refineries, oil, paint, chemical, pharma, sugar, food, textile, steel cement etc.

Working principles

Shuttle block pump work in a combination of rotary and reciprocating actions, The pump incorporates three main pumping elements, the rotor, piston and the shuttle which are liquid tight fit to each other & to the casing. Through each rotation the pumping elements create a double acting positive liquid displacement. Both the rotary and reciprocating actions ensure self-priming, pulsation free liquid displacement.

Internal Gear Pump RIG


High volumetric efficiency due to dual principle of rotary & reciprocating action.

Non pulsating flow.

Precision pumping elements in simple geometric from Micrometer axial shaft positioning mechanism for wear compensation.

Wide viscosity range.

Single robust shaft with high fatigue resistance.

Externally housed oversized bearings.

Front & back pull-out design for easy maintenance.

No damage to liquid structure, built in adjustable safety relief valve.

Range Material of Constraction
Capacity: upto 940 lpm Casing: CI, CF 8, CF 8M, WCB
Pressure: upto 8 kg/ cm² Rotar: CI, SS 304/316 WCB
Temperature: upto 275 °C haft: EN 24HG, SS 304/316
Viscosity: upto 10,00,000 cSt & more

Liquid List

Petroleum: Bitumen, coal tar, pitch, crude oil, grease, wax, lubricants, emulsions, heat transfer liquids, polymer, sulphur, rubber cement, etc. Oil: Fuel oils (LDO, HSD, LSHS, HFO) kerosene, castor oil, linseed oil, cotton seed oil, etc. Food: Chocolate, corn syrup, honey, glucose, palm oil, starch, sugar syrup, vanaspati, edible oils, fatty acids, glycerin, lecithin, peanut butter, molasses etc. Detergents: Sodium, potassium silicate, caustic soda, soap liquor, sodium silicate, LAB etc.

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