Progressive Cavity Pump 'RSSP'


Rovar progressive cavity pumps are ideal for pumping neutral or slightly corrosive liquids, contaminated or abrasive liquids, liquids with gases or forth, liquids of low or high viscosity, liquids containing fibrous, semi-solid, or solid particles.

Working principles

These pumps consist of the single-threaded metal screw which rotates eccentrically within a double helix vulcanized rubber stator, of twice the pitch length of the stator. On rotation, the rotor screw creates mobile chambers/cavities which progress towards the discharge end carrying the pumped material. The pumping product is conveyed or transferred without being churned or changing the properties of the product.

Progressive Cavity Pump 'RSSP'


Self-priming even with entrained air.

The capability of pumping very high viscous products.

Shaft seal flexibility.

Minimal damage to shear sensitive liquids.

Low NPSHR, Pulsation free.

Can handle liquids with solids or abrasive particles.

Externally housed bearings.

Wide throat inlet with anger for very high viscous non-flowable media.

Easy cleaning with CIP ensuring complete self-emptying.

Range Material of Constraction
Standard Optional
Capacity: upto 2000 lpm & more Casing: CI CS, SS, nod CI & Bronze
Pressure: upto 24 kg/ cm² Rotor: Carbon steel SS, CS, alloy steel
Temperature: upto 150 °C Stator: Nitrile Neoprene, hypalon, EPDM, natural rubber, viton and special elastomers
Viscosity: upto 10,00,000 cSt

Liquid List

Food: Edible oils, dairy products, meat products, fruit pulps & juices, jams, sugar molasses, pet foods, confectionery products, colours & flavours, wine, jellies & tomato paste. Pharma/ cosmetic: Ointments, cream, lotion, shampoo & soaps. Paper/ ceramic: Titanium dioxide, paper coating, latex, starch, pulp, chemical dosing & ceramic liquid. Marine: Bilge & oil sludge pumping. Water & wastewater treatment: Effluent sludges, oil/ water separation, filter press, dosing & flocculants. Chemical: Acidic & alkaline slurry, adhesive, paint slurry & emulsions. Textile: Starch slurry, caustic lyes, viscose, caprolactam & DMT slurry.

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Progressive Cavity Pump 'RSSP'
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