Products that Rovar Pumps Manufacture


Rovar Pumps provide positive displacement pumps to meet your pumping needs. We specialize in design, manufacture and application of standard and custom pumping technologies and product designs and are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best performance of their systems. The product covers a wide application base from thin Diesel oil to high viscous liquids, from high temperature oil, high pressure duties and shear sensitive liquids to slurry, sludge etc.

The high quality and low maintenance pumps are result of dynamic fusion of engineering precision with a high degree of design flexibility. The pumps are designed in state-of-the art manufacturing plants at Shinoli, Kolhapur with CAD and designing facilities with solid modeling software that makes the design right at first time. The company has been offering complete solutions to customer's needs and application.

Rovar shuttle block pumps Rovar external gear pumps Rovar Internal gear pumps Rovar progressive cavity pumps Rovar internal lobe pumps Rovar twin screw pumps Rovar motorised barrel pump Rovar self-priming centrifugal pumps Rovar End suction centrifugal pumps Rovar centrifugal oil purer Rovar Duplex basket strainers Rovar Coalescer - Separator
Applications Suitable Rovar Pumps
Loading & Unloading RPP, REG & RYT
Lube oil plants RPP, REG & RYT
Fuel oil & storage RPP, REG & RYT
Food & beverage RPP(SS), REG(SS) & RSSP(SS)
Road constructions RPP, REG, RYT & RSSP
Effluent treatment plants RSSP
Sugar industry RPP, REG, RYT & RSSP
Cattle feed plants RPP & REG
Steel plants RPP, REG & RYT
Thermal power plants RPP, REG, RYT & RSSP
Paint industry RPP, REG & RSSP
Machine tools RPP, REG & RYT
Paper industry RSSP & RPP
Petrochemical & chemical fertilizer industry RPP, REG, RYT & RSSP
Edible oil plants RPP, REG & RSSP
Soap & Detergent industry REG, RPP & RSSP