Motorised Barrel Pump 'RCP'


A perfect Motorised Barrel Pump for emptying barrels contains viscous or nonviscous liquids. Motorised barrel pump RCP meets customers' most stringent requirements in rising liquids from the barrel, barrel blending, mixing, dosing, charging, filling, and other applications.

Working principles

Motorised Barrel Pump works on positive displacement pumping method. The pumping elements are either in internal gearing principle or screw conveying technology or a combination of both. This unique design ensures self-priming, is capable of handling viscous liquids, developing higher heads, and is ideal for running at low or high speeds.

Motorised Barrel Pump 'RCP'


Portable & handy.

No wastage of precious liquids.

Transferring liquids safely.

Capable of pumping low & high viscous media.

AC, DC or Air motor drive option.

Battery operated models.

Optimized for rare maintenance.

Range Material of Constraction
Tube length: 33", 47", 55" Carbon steel, SS, aluminum alloy, PVDF
Tube Dia: 1", 1½" & 2"
Flowrate: upto 100 lpm
Viscosity: 2 cSt to 10,00,00 cSt
Pressure: 8 kg/ cm²
Drive: electric or air motors

Liquid List

Additives, base oils, beer, butter oil, castor oil, coconut oil, coolants, date syrups, edible oil, emulsions, FO, formulation, fruit pulps, fuel oil, glucose, glycol, glycerin, HSD, honey, ink, juices, kerosene, ketchup, LDO, lecithin, lube oil, milk, molasses, paste, paints, poly, resin, shampoo, sorbitol, soyabean oil, soap liquor, syrups, thermic fluids. transformer oil, vanaspati & varnish etc.

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Your needs drives

In addition to our standard range, we also offer special design cock barrel pumps to suit your application like tanker emptying, process vessel/ kettle emptying from top

Motorised Barrel Pump 'RCP'
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