Internal Lobe Pump 'RYT'


Rovar internal lobe pumps are ideally suited for light viscous liquid transfer duties viz. oil circulation in forced lubrication of gearboxes, ID/ FD fans & turbine bearings, as a booster pump for burner & fuel injection, barrel/ pouch filling units, fuel oil day tank transfer, and PHF skids.

Working principles

The innovative RYT series has only two pumping elements, the rotor, and idler, working in the internal gearing principle. The internal element works as a rotor, which takes the drive and the flow is axial through the elements, these design features ensure silent running, vibration-free, and long trouble-free life. The rotor is well supported at both ends. RYT series pumps are superior than conventional gear pumps while handling low and medium viscous liquids.

Internal Lobe Pump 'RYT'


Smooth meshing lobes ensuring minimum internal losses which results in relatively higher efficiencies and lower power consumption.

Only one shaft balanced at both ends ensures vibration-free smooth running even at higher speeds.

Compact design, Bi-directional.

Front pull-out design for easy disassembly without disconnecting pipes.

Standard pumps are fitted with oil seals, gland packing, mechanical seal and lip seal arrangement can be given as options.

Flange mounted/ bracket mounted version.

Range Material of Constraction
Capacity: upto 120 lpm Casing: CI, WCB, SGI
Pressure: upto 10 kg/ cm² Lobe: EN - 24HG
Temperature: upto 275 °C Shaft: EN - 24HG
Viscosity: upto 4000 cSt & more

Liquid List

LDO, HSD, Furnace oil, lube oil, transformer oil, palm oil, shampoos, coconut oil, heat transfer liquids, etc.

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Internal Lobe Pump 'RYT'
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