Duplex Basket Strainers

Rovar Pumps manufactures positive displacement in various designs to handle various types of low and high viscous liquids, The need for filtration becomes essential to safeguard the pump from foreign particles/ solids and to ensure clean pumping liquid.

Hence Rovar Pumps, developed various types of Filters/ Strainers like Y type, Simplex basket strainer, Duplex basket filters, Micron filters, etc. suitable for fuel oils and many other flowable liquids.

Duplex Basket Strainers


For all kinds of flowable Liquid filtration in

Process & Power industry.

Food & chemical industry.

Gas & oil industry.

Petroleum & refineries.

All general industries

Marine DG sets, burners.

From (in let/ out let size) 1" to 20"
Flange Standard ANSI # 150 onwards.
From 2 micron filtration level

Typical Liquids

Aviation fuel, LDO/ HSD, Lube oil, Furnace oil, Transformer oil, Turbine oil, & all kinds of flowable neutral liquids.

Salient Features:

Online change over to either vessel

The element can be removed & cleaned without disturbing the process

Sturdy & long trouble free life

Custom-made designs to suit specific requirements.

AISI 304 perforated screen mesh are standard

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