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Rovar Pumps, having established for over 15 years has become an integral part of most industries, we are a company involved in rendering solutions for today's industry and solve your viscous fluid handling problems. Based in Belgaum, India, for more than a decade involved in manufacturing, quality control, selling, installing, and servicing of positive displacement pumps.

We provide positive displacement pumps to meet your pumping needs. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and application of standard and custom pumping technologies and product designs and are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best performance of their systems.

The product covers a wide application base from thin Diesel oil to high viscous liquids, from high-temperature oil, high-pressure duties, and shear sensitive liquids to slurry, sludge, etc., be it in the chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental, steel engineering or marine industries.

The high quality and low maintenance pumps are the result of a dynamic fusion of engineering precision with a high degree of design flexibility. The pumps are designed in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at Shinoli, Kolhapur with CAD and designing facilities with solid modeling software that makes the design right at the first time. The company has been offering complete solutions to customer's needs and applications.


For more than a decade Rovar Pumps company name has become synonymous with quality and dependable service. At Rovar Pumps, we build our worldwide reputation on reliability. We provide sales service and support through our reliable network of distributors and representatives.

Today Rovar Pumps is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of industrial pumps including rotary shuttle block pumps, internal lobe pumps, external gear pumps, etc., etc.


We operate the widest network of service centres in order to support our clients. Our range of services includes training, preventive maintenance, spare parts, replacement pumps, field service, and repairs.

Our proactive services programs save customers time and money. A wide range of services option is available in the form of training, factory services, and field services Our service seminars provide the knowledge you 'll need to maximize your pump's output and service life.


At RPPL our goal is to maximize plant uptime and eliminate defects contributing to premature equipment and system failure resulting in unnecessary work throughout the life of the asset.


The mission of the company is to be the leader in achieving total customer satisfaction by providing the highest value pumps and customer service and "Solution Provider" for liquid transport. Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

For us, quality is necessary to not just attract new customers but also to retain our high reputation in the market. We have an in-house R&D department, which focuses on hydraulics, cavitations, erosion, corrosion, and mechanical design as well as product development.

The activities are undertaken by our engineers to implement innovative ideas for the improvement of products and processes throughout the product's lifecycle. The products are checked at every level of production to ensure flawless systems and complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy | ISO 9001:2008

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