Coalescer - Separator

Filtration/ separation of foreign substances/ solids/ water from liquids/ fuel oils will reduce the maintenance and operational cost. Every year, many industries spend considerable time and money needlessly in their operation. Operating costs are higher than necessary, unscheduled shutdowns cause a loss in production.

Rovar pumps, manufacturing Positive displacement pumps and having wide application expertise in handling a variety of viscous liquids, design and develop filtering system. Primarily we designed the filtrating system to safeguard our pumps.

from solid/ foreign materials, now, our customers benefit from our new generation of user-friendly filtration technology. A line of products in filtration like simplex, duplex strainers, micron filtration, centrifuge oil purer, filter/ separator, meant for removing solids particles, high soot/wear particles, and emulsified water separation. We specialize in the separation of wear metal particles in lube oils.

Rovar Coalescer - Separator designed to remove solid contaminants and emulsified water particles from fuel/ oils.

Working principle

for separation of water from gasoline, diesel, Jet Fuel:


Preconditioned fuel/diesel (use prefilter to minimize solids, before pumping to coalescer, which may plug and reduce overall life span) pass through coalescer element, the foreign particles/solids get removed and emulsion of water in the fuel form as droplets. These droplets enlarge and drop out of the fuel stream when they pass through several layers of the filter media. The flow pattern is from inside to outside of the element.


Once droplets are formed they have to be separated. This separator element prevents/repels water droplets from mixing with the fuel and directs them to the water collector (drain). The flow pattern is outside to inside. The water accumulated in the drain should be manually removed and drained periodically. (automatic drain option available). It is essential to drain the accumulated water to avoid mixing with the downstream.

Coalescer - Separator

Vessel Type:

The coalescer-separator can be supplied with the vertical or horizontal vessel, or according to the application. A differential pressure gauge fitted on the vessel shows the pressure drop between suction and discharge flow. Which helps to determine the element condition and replacement schedule.

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