Rovar Centrifugal Oil Purer `RCOP'

Rovar Centrifugal Oil Purer `RCOP' is providing superior bypass filtration for the removal of contaminants from the lubricating oils. RCOP is ideally suited for diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, other industrial oils, and water-based coolants. High soot/wear particle levels within the lubricating oil have been witnessed to be responsible for accelerated wear of the critical engine, gearbox, hydraulic components

Now day's oils are needed to work harder and get a higher level of contamination. Oil is the lifeblood of the engines, gearboxes and clean oil is essential if a machine is to operate efficiently, conventional full-flow oil filters usually have given sized holes in their mesh and will only remove particles from the oil steam which will not fit through the hole. Under heavily contaminated flows, the particles can build up and block the filter.

RCOP removes contamination from used oils to restore them to cleaner than new conditions thus reducing lubricant purchases and waste disposal costs.

When changing the oil in a hydraulic system, normally only about 60% of the oil is drained and the rest is holding up in rams, plumbing, etc. which are holding back contamination, so by cleaning the oil by RCOP and activating the system periodically, the systems are cleaned to a level cleaner than new condition without affecting the additive package. RCOP ensures longevity to your machinery & oil change.
RCOP mobile unit used to clean the oil while the machinery is being serviced or fixed dedicative RCOP helps on line cleaning. While the equipment is in operation.


Both initial cost and long-term maintainability make it maintainability a good low cost investment.

Low disposal costs result because the 'dry cake' is easier to dispose of and has less impact on the environment.

Maximize bearing life & internal machine elements.

Extend oil life, Longer & more effective use of oil, Saves waste disposal cost.

Achieve the highest degree of preventive maintenance.

Separation & storage of large quantities of dirt particles.

Optimum soot separation, Extended service intervals - reduce downtime.

In engines reduction in exhaust emissions, clean combustion & fuel efficiency.


All grinding applications: water solvable, & synthetic coolants.

Gearboxes: Rolling mills, cement mills, dragging machines.

Wire drawing: rolling & drawing fluids, coolants.

Earthmoving equipments, Marine engines, Trucks & buses.

Hydraulic equipments, Engines, Drilling rigs, Paint booth discharge.

Cutting oils, Turbine oil, gear oil, Transmission oil Transformer oil units.

Lapping, Honing, Locomotives, Quenching, forging, DG sets.

Vibratory deburring, Compressors, Pretreatment of membrane steam.


Rovar Centrifugal Oil Purer `RCOP'

Oil is pumped into the ROVAR centrifuge oil purer by engine pressure or ROVAR Pump pressure and directed into a hollow spindle, exits through a cross opening into the centrifuge rotor. The rotor becomes full of pressured oil, from the rotor the pressurized oil exits through two tangentially fixed nozzles. This creates rotation of the free spinning rotor to 5000 rpm. The contaminant I dirt particles that enters the rotor is subject to the high centrifugal force causing them to move radially outwards to the inner wall of the rotor and get deposited. Over the period it forms like a thick cake, which can be disposed of. Thus even dirt less than 0.5 microns can be removed from the oil and the oil looks cleaner and better.

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Centrifuge performance
RCOP Model Flow Rate Dirt Retaining Capacity Motor Rovar Pump Model
RCOP 10 550 LHP ½ LIR 0.5 HP RYT 10
RCOP 20 800 LHP 1 LIRS 1 HP RYT 20
RCOP 40 1500 LHP 2 LTRS 1 HP RYT 40
RCOP 80 5000 LHP 6 LTRS 3 HP RYT 80

Typical rotor performance for 40 cst oil at 45 °C pump model will w.r.t. oil viscosity.

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