Rovar Pumps Applications


Applications Description Liquids
Lube oil plants Rovar Pumps manufactures a competent design and complete range of pumps for every pumping need for lube oil & grease manufacturing plants. RPP, REG & RYT pumps for mixing, blending, circulating, and filling duties. Lube oil, grease, additives, base oil, bituminous oil
Fuel oil & storage Rovar Pumps caters all kinds of Industries, where there is a pumping need for fuel oil. RPP, REG, RYT - series pumps for general transfer, storage installations, loading, booster, high-temperature fuel oil duties. HSD, furnace oil, LSHS, bunker C, SKO, HFO
Food & beverage Rovar Pumps manufacturers, hygienic range of complete stainless steel Food graded pumps in RPP, REG & RSSP series. Chocolate, butter, cream, sugar syrup, honey, tomato paste, jam, milk, ghee, vanaspati
Road constructions Rovar Pumps has a sophisticated range of jacketed and standard pumps for the road construction industry. RPP & REG series jacketed pumps for bitumen/ tar, RYT series for fuel oils and RSSP series pumps for slurries. Bitumen, emulsion, rubberised bitumen, cement slurry
Effluent treatment plants Rovar Pumps manufacturers RSSP series pumps for wastewater effluent treatment plants for handling slurry & sludge in petrochemical, food, pharma, paint, sugar, shipbuilding industries. Sludge, slurry, abrasive liquids, froth
Sugar industry Rovar Pumps has various sizes of pumps to cater to the needs of sugar industries. RPP, REG & RSSP series of pumps for viscous liquids. REG & RYT series pumps for lubrication purposes. Molasses, mother liquor, juice, sludges, lube oil
Cattle feed plants Rovar Pumps manufacturers pumps for cattle feed plant designers and end-users. RPP & REG series pumps are widely used. Molasses, animal fats, fuel oils, liquid feed
Steel plants Rovar Pumps caters steel plants with RPP, REG & RYT series of pumps, pumps for lubrication of ID, FD fans, steel rolling mills, gear boxes and other general liquid transfers. Lube oils, waste oils, heat transfer, liquid treatment, sludges, coal tar, oils
Thermal power plants Rovar Pumps manufacturers RPP, REG, RYT & RSSP series of pumps for various fuel oil handling applications and storage and transfer, lubrication to gearboxes, fans, turbines and other rotating machines, booster pumping. Fuel oils, lube oils, sludge
Paint industry Rovar Pumps makes a versatile range of RPP, REG & RSSP series of pumps for paint and varnish industries. Paints, resin, varnish, slurry, inks, primer, abrasive, hot bituminous paints, latex, alkyl, epoxy, acrylic paints, paint resin
Machine tools Rovar Pumps manufacturers robust design of RPP, REG & RYT series pumps for machine tool industries lubrication, circulation, etc. Lube, coolants, oils
Paper industry Rovar Pumps manufacturers RSSP & RPP series of pumps for various abrasive coats and other general liquid applications. Paper coat, clay, cellulose, sludge
Petrochemical & chemical fertilizer industry Rovar Pumps has a wide range of pumps to cater this pump intensive industries. RPP, REG & RSSP series of pumps for general liquid transfer, process pumping, effluent plants, RYT series for lubrication of gearboxes, rotary equipments and booster pumps. Fuel oils, bitumen, sludge, sulphur, base oils, lube oils
Edible oil plants Rovar Pumps has a sophisticated range of RPP, REG & RSSP series pumps for edible oil plants and plant designers. Edible oil, soap stock, gum, oil with gum, waste oil, sludges, fatty acids
Soap & Detergent industry Rovar Pumps manufactures standard and special configuration pumps of REG, RPP & RSSP series pumps to handle corrosive and viscous liquids. Liquid soap, shampoos, skimmimngs, fatty oils, soap stock, labsa, aos, sludge, slurry